Rock-N-Roll Purgatory Review
Toxocaras / Pagan Dead
Split CD
Graverockers Union Local 666

Yes! Here you get 4 tracks from each of these blood-lusting, grave-digging psycho freaks that have enough spook to give Lurch the chills. Aside from the sheer intensity of these two bands you also get some humorous, if not scary lyrics like The Pagan Dead’s “Cause I’m a psychobilly,cop killing maniac / fucking lunatic I’m on the attack / I got a SKS I’m gonna hunt you down / put you trash fuckers 6 feet underground,” and the rest of the song is just as brutal if not more so - a true gem. I’d have to say my favorite song on here though is “Auti da Fe’” also by the Pagan Dead which is all about burning Christians, it has a seriously addictive chorus. Toxocaras’ tune “Space Antichrist” is a fast, intense, gore filled tune that makes you long for Halloween 365 days of the year. Horrid, repulsive and gruesome…all those make for fine psycho bands. –Lisa Marie

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